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Quality in Education

A country is as developed as its' Education Sector is!
We in India should make 'affordable quality education' our development mantra and this alone will carry us out of the woods of a 'developing nation'. Am sure we do have a journey ahead to be listed as a Developed Nation. No matter what path we take on the road to economic development, the speed breaker will always be quality in education.

It is important for me to share one of my blog posts in 2012, to describe 'quality in education'. This article was also published in the Guide to Good Schools of India.
We have Public Schools, Independent Schools, and Government aided schools. To provide an all-round education it is best to be financially independent and beyond the pale of direct government control, to be free to innovate and keep education alive.

There are 33 State Education Boards and 2 National Education Boards. The CBSE is limited as it eliminates international exams as additional streams. The CISCE is more in tune with freedom for innovation and is an autonomous body.

International Recognition : It is feasible to consider additional streams such as - The British ‘O’ levels and ‘A’ levels and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Boarding schools take children at the age of about 11. 700 students is a good size for a boarding school. We have Nursery Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Senior Secondary Schools. Most Boarding Schools take 8 months of the year. Day Schools tend to load the homework on students and are still not ideal.

Quality in education consists of happy teachers, a good student- teacher ratio, modern equipment and adequate space and classroom facilities.

A good school should offer facilities for retraining teachers and good salaries at par with related spheres. A well-designed school should have modern aids and teaching devices. A school should be a centre for excellence. It should employ good teachers and pay them well. It should encourage a concern for environment and cleanliness. Above all it should be managed by a dynamic Principal and competent, humane teachers.

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Learning Forward is a nonprofit, international association for Educators

Learning Forward is a nonprofit, international association for Educators
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