Leadership at School

Leadership begins and ends at the top! 
The key differentiator of a good school is good governance and leadership development at all levels. The Board, the staff, the students, the parent body and the community all need to be part of the leadership development ecosystem. It all begins with the Governance and this is where a good school leads the average.
Members of the Governing Body of The Fabindia School

Applying principles of good governance to schools
Principles of corporate governance must be considered and applied in light of the complex school environment. Unlike traditional corporations, schools operate on a not-for-profit basis; its stakeholders have long term personal and emotional investments, relationships and friendships; participation in the school may cover many generations of family members; members of the Board participate on a voluntary basis; the school is engaged in the education, development and welfare of children; teachers are expected to be dedicated and provide a contribution well beyond the normal teaching day. Schools rely on family philanthropy, legacies and benefactors. It is not a simple matter for disaffected stakeholders to change allegiances. Changing schools can be a traumatic and expensive exercise.

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